Ceasefire momentum builds as Israel reviews peace proposal

Ceasefire momentum builds as Israel reviews peace proposal

The signs in the Negotiations of Cessation Fire in Gaza

The Paris talks have raised hopes for a truce deal in Gaza, with sources claiming that both sides have made unprecedented progress. Discussions are taking place with the mediation of Egypt, Qatar, and the US to reach a deal that would stop fighting as well as ensure the release of hostages and Palestinian freedom fighters from Israel.

Cracks within the body politics reignited in Tel Aviv; the calls for change were heard on the streets.

Things were getting heated in Tel Aviv, where protesters called for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Riot police clashed with protesters but it emphasized the fact that more and more Israelis were dissatisfied. The gestures, fuelled by people’s anger at the way the government is handling the conflict, reiterate the need for a diplomatic solution.

Humanitarian Concerns in Gaza become more acute

Negotiations are still ongoing and humanitarian concerns in Gaza worsen quickly. News about food shortage and escalating violence draw a very gloomy picture of what is happening there. Aid agencies predict the famine can be a looming threat, and the innocent civilians will be the sufferers.

Under the shadow of worsening relations, the international community is being asked to tackle the humanitarian problem and broker a lasting peace deal.In the face of heightened tensions, the international community is confronted with an urgent challenge of resolving the humanitarian situation and signing a binding peace settlement.

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