Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei Ties the Knot in a Dazzling 10-Day Royal Wedding Extravaganza

Prince Abdul Mateen and Anisha Rosnah Tie the Knot

Brunei’s once-eligible bachelor, Prince Abdul Mateen, officially left hearts swooning as he wed his fiancée, Yang Mulia Anisha Rosnah, in a lavish 10-day ceremony that culminated in a glittering reception on January 14th, 2023.

“The atmosphere was electric,” enthused a palace insider. “Guests from across the globe mingled with Bruneian dignitaries, all captivated by the sheer magnitude and elegance of the festivities.”

Main wedding reception: The grandest event occurred on January 14th at the 1,788-room Istana Nurul Iman palace. Dignitaries and royals from around the world were in attendance. Anisha looked radiant in a custom-made gown and a diamond tiara, while Prince Mateen sported a ceremonial uniform.

The celebrations, a vibrant tapestry of tradition and modern splendor, kicked off on January 7th with a “Berandam” ceremony, where turmeric paste was applied to both bride and groom for blessings. “It was a beautiful moment,” Anisha confided later, “to embrace our heritage and step into this new chapter together.”

The solemnization ceremony, held at the iconic Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, witnessed an outpouring of emotion. “My son found his soulmate,” beamed Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, “and Brunei welcomes her with open arms.”

Anisha, resplendent in a custom-made “baju kurung” adorned with intricate Bruneian tenunan textiles, turned heads at every event. “She exuded grace and sophistication,” remarked Princess Azemah, Mateen’s sister, “a perfect complement to his warmth and charisma.”

The main reception, held in the opulent Istana Nurul Iman palace, saw royalty and dignitaries from across Asia join the celebrations. “It was a testament to the respect and goodwill Brunei enjoys internationally,” commented a foreign ambassador.

Beyond the dazzling displays of wealth and cultural tapestry, the wedding resonated with a sense of genuine joy. “We are witnessing a love story unfold,” shared a local citizen, “and it fills us with hope and happiness.”

As the final echoes of celebration fade, one thing is clear: Prince Abdul Mateen and Anisha’s royal wedding

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