Netflix Stirs Up Controversy with Outrageous “Good Times” Cartoon Reboot

The Good Old Days of Good Times
Man, do I even have fond reminiscences of the classic Seventies sitcom “Good Times.” It turned into this kind of groundbreaking display for its honest, relatable portrayal of a operating-class Black own family just looking to make ends meet inside the Chicago housing initiatives. The Evanses struggled with cash woes and hard times, however continually saved their dignity, warmth and humor intact. The show turned into a trailblazer that paved the manner for extra sensible depictions of Black lifestyles on TV. I’ll never overlook cathartically giggling and crying along with Florida, James, and the children every week.

Tarnishing a Treasured Legacy?

Imagine my shock after I fired up Netflix and noticed they had resurrected “Good Times”…As a raunchy lively collection?! This new version appears to have ditched all the coronary heart, social statement and fact that made the original so special. Instead, it’s long gone full-on crass lively mayhem – with scenes of nodding off from tablets, over-the-top bloody violence, or even a plot line approximately the Evans baby becoming a pint-sized dope pusher! I ask you, what does any of that must do with the healthful spirit of the traditional “Good Times”?

Just a Cheap Attempt to Profit Off Nostalgia?

To me, it reeks of a few Netflix executives saying “You recognize that antique Black sitcom lots of human beings loved? Let’s slap that name on an edgy animated show to dupe the ones nostalgic enthusiasts into looking!” Because virtually, other than the Evans family call and a few scattered reruns of the enduring theme tune, there is slightly any connection to the 1970s supply material. It’s nearly like fake advertising and marketing to exchange so ruthlessly on target audience goodwill towards “Good Times.”

Look, I’ve were given nothing in opposition to animated comedies pushing the envelope or getting a little raunchy once in a while. But using the name of a life-asserting, socially important classic simply looks as if a reasonably-priced ploy to trick human beings into watching but another surprising-for-the-sake-of-it grownup cool animated film. Instead of honoring “Good Times'” groundbreaking legacy, this can very well tarnish it all the time. What a disappointing, cynical overlooked possibility from Netflix.

Aklimson Phangcho

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