California’s Fiery Waterfall: Viral Video Amazes

California's Fiery Waterfall: Viral Video Amazes

An adventure photographer named Galen Rowell accidentally came across this Firefall-like phenomenon in 1978. Since then many flock to Yosemite to watch this.

Every now and then, we come across several wonders of nature that leave us spellbound. Now, a video of one such wonder has gone viral on X. It shows Yosemite Firefall. As the name suggests, this Firefall isn’t actually fire but an illusion that is created by the sun over a waterfall once a year.

As per the official website of Yosemite, an adventure photographer named Galen Rowell accidentally came across this Firefall-like phenomenon in 1978. When Rowell was driving out of the valley on Southside Drive, he spotted this small waterfall off the shoulder of El Capitan, which looked molten in the setting sun.

Upon discovering it, he quickly went to photograph it and since then, this phenomenon has become extremely popular among tourists. However, one can only see it in February, when the sun aligns perfectly with the waterfall and creates this illusion.

Take a look at this Firefall here:

This post was shared on January 21. Since being posted, it has gained more than 91,000 views. The post also has over 600 likes and numerous comments. Many were stunned to see this phenomenon.

Here’s how people reacted to it:

An individual wrote, “The Yosemite Firefall is truly a sight to behold. The way it creates an optical illusion and glows orange when backlit by the sunset is absolutely stunning.”

A second commented, “The way that the light catches the waterfall, creating that stunning orange glow against the backdrop of the mountains, is just mesmerizing. It’s one of those rare moments in nature where everything seems to align perfectly, creating a moment of pure beauty and wonder.”A third added, “Yosemite National Park looks like a fairy tale.”

“America’s National Parks are filled with incredible natural wonders like this. Watching videos of these breathtaking sights can be a great way to appreciate their beauty, especially when we can’t be there in person,” posted a fourth.

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