Watch: Butler’s Emo Style Lives On in Music Video

Miami Heat Star Surprises as Cowboy Rocker

Jimmy Butler first shocked NBA fans when he unveiled a new “emo” look of straight black hair and heavy eyeliner at the start of this season. But the Miami Heat star showed his alternative style is no short-lived phase. This week Butler stars as “Heat Wentz” in Fall Out Boy’s new music video wearing a purple cowboy suit and his signature hairstyle. He dances, lip syncs, and pretends to play guitar, proving a natural music video actor.

Alter Ego Doesn’t Affect Game

Though the video introduces a flamboyant alter ego, Butler said his initial style change simply reflected getting “in touch with my emotions.” While it got attention, his emo vibe hasn’t impacted his performance. Butler is averaging 21.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 4.7 assists this season, quality stats on par with his usual production.

Back to Business Against Nuggets

When Miami faces the Denver Nuggets on Thursday, Butler will likely ditch his cowboy hat and eyeliner for a standard uniform. The game is a rematch of last year’s Finals series won by Denver. But whether the Heat avenge that playoff loss or not, don’t expect Butler’s off-court persona as a viral video star to fade even if Miami’s title hopes do. His emo status seems here to stay.

Aklimson Phangcho

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