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World Athletics Stands Firm on Restricting Trans Women Athletes

Policy Draws Criticism From Inclusion Advocates World Athletics president Sebastian Coe fiercely defended his organization’s controversial eligibility criteria excluding some trans women athletes. Coe doubled down that regulations prohibiting trans women who underwent male puberty from ranking competitions are “here to stay.” The policy, enacted last March, brought heavy backlash from LGBTQ inclusion groups. But […]

Former CIA hacker was Sentenced to 40 Years for Big Data Leak and Terrifying Secrets

The most significant case in the history of espionage, a former CIA officer named Joshua Schulte has received a 40-year sentence on charges of leaking classified hacking tools to WikiLeaks. The data breach, codenamed Vault 7 by the CIA’s tools, revealed the latter’s ability to break into smartphones in order to monitor calls and locate individuals. Schulte […]

Biden Decides on Response to Jordan Attack, Links Iran to Weapons Supply

Biden’s Decision on Action President Joe Biden shared on Tuesday that the United States has figured out how it will react to the recent drone attack in Jordan, where three American soldiers lost their lives. However, he didn’t go into specifics about what the response entails or when it will happen. Iran’s Role and Biden’s […]

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