Park Min Young’s Agency Clarifies Reports on Ex-Boyfriend

Park Min Young's Agency Clarifies Reports on Ex-Boyfriend

Park Min Young’s agency, Hook Entertainment, has released a statement regarding a recent report about her ex-boyfriend, businessman Kang Jong-hyun. The report, published by the Korean media outlet Dispatch, alleged that Park Min Young received 250 million won (approximately $190,300) in cash from Kang while they were dating.

Hook Entertainment vehemently denied the allegations, stating that the money in question was not a gift to Park Min Young but was instead used for Kang’s business expenses. The agency also clarified that Park Min Young only allowed Kang to use her bank account for convenience and that she needed to be made aware of the source or purpose of the funds.

In response to the report, Hook Entertainment released the following official statement:

Hello. This is Hook Entertainment. We want to convey actress Park Min Young’s stance regarding the Dispatch news that was reported today.

In February 2023, actress Park Min Young participated in a witness interview with the prosecution regarding the use of her account as a borrowed-name bank account, and through this, it was clearly revealed that actress Park Min Young was not involved in any illegal activities nor did she receive any illegal benefits. The 250 million won mentioned in the report was only actress Park Min Young’s account being used by Kang Jong Hyun, and [the money] was not used for Park Min Young’s living expenses.

Actress Park Min Young was greatly misunderstood for over a year due to false information. Despite this, actress Park Min Young accepted the criticism from many people and is greatly regretting and reflecting on the aspect that she did act more cautiously. She also believes that it is an actress’s job to showcase good acting through good projects, so she is focusing more on her main job of acting.

We hope that the defamation of actress Park Min Young by raising groundless suspicions will no longer be repeated going forward.

In a separate message to fans, Park Min Young personally addressed the reports, expressing her disappointment and frustration. She emphasized that she had no involvement in Kang’s financial activities and that she was cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation.

This is not the first time Park Min Young has been linked to Kang’s legal troubles. In September 2022, Dispatch reported that Park Min Young was dating Kang, who was facing allegations of embezzlement and stock manipulation. Hook Entertainment confirmed the relationship at the time but stated that Park Min Young had broken up with Kang after learning about the accusations.

Park Min Young is a popular South Korean actress known for her roles in dramas such as “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” “Her Private Life,” and “Healer.” She is currently starring in the drama “Love in Contract,” which premiered in September 2022.


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