Watch: Nora Fatehi Deepfake Video Surfaces; ‘I am shocked’

Nora Fatehi Exposes Brand: Lookalike Scandal Unveiled

Indian actress Nora Fatehi took to her Instagram stories to raise the alarm and share a video that seems to feature her lookalike.

After Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Kajol, and a few others, it looks like Nora Fatehi has fallen prey to what looks like a deepfake video, or if not, features a lookalike. A video of a woman who looks like Nora promoting an end-of-season sale is doing rounds on social media.

‘I am shocked’

Nora took to her Instagram Stories to raise the alarm and clarify that the woman in the video wasn’t her. Sharing the video that shows the lookalike promoting a fashion brand, aping everything from her mannerisms to the look and voice, she wrote, “Shocked!! This is not me!” She also branded the video ‘fake’ in bold letters to make it clearer. The brand is yet to respond to her claims.

Rashmika’s deepfake creator caught

According to source Timesnow Nora shared this video close on the heels of Delhi Police arresting a student from Andhra Pradesh, called Eemani Naveen, on Saturday.

The accused had created a deepfake video of Rashmika to increase the followers on his fan page, say the police. An FIR was registered about the case on November 10 last year after the video went viral. It was first posted on a fan page on October 13. Once Naveen realized the ruckus it caused, he deleted the video from his devices and account, but the police managed to trace it back to him.

What is deepfake

A deepfake video refers to manipulated videos made with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). These typical involved misappropriating a person’s face or voice to an already existing video or likeliness to another person.

Unless seen closely, deepfakes can be created in a way that it seems like the person whose features are being misappropriated has made statements or engaged in actions that never occurred. The entertainment industry, particularly female actors, has been a target of such activities.

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