Top 10 highly-rated movies to watch on Netflix in January 2024

movies to watch on Netflix in January 2024

Look at the top and highly-rated movies trending on Netflix this month. If you’re looking for high-quality dramas, classic gems, or hidden gems, you’ll want to check out this list of movies leaving Netflix soon. These films are worth watching before they disappear from the streaming service.

1. Good Grief (January 5): A dark comedy exploring loss and grief, following a young woman who loses her parents and starts a podcast about death. Praised for its humor and raw portrayal of grief.

2. Lift (January 12): A heist thriller set in a high-rise building where a skilled thief and her team attempt a daring diamond heist. Features exciting action sequences and a twisty plot.

3. Society of the Snow (January 4): A Spanish historical drama based on the true story of 13 Uruguayan survivors of a plane crash in the Andes in 1972. Acclaimed for its emotional depth and survival themes.

4. The Kitchen (January 19): A period crime drama set in 1970s New York, following three housewives taking over their husbands’ mob rackets after arrest. Praised for its strong female characters and action sequences.

5. maboroshi (January 15): A Japanese drama based on a novel exploring themes of memory, loss, and the nature of reality. Critically acclaimed for its poetic visuals and philosophical storytelling.

6. Bitconned (January 1): A documentary exposing the world of cryptocurrency scams and the rise and fall of BitConnect, a fraudulent platform. Offers a cautionary tale about the dangers of the crypto market.

7. Sixty Minutes (January 19): A collection of investigative reports from the iconic CBS news program “60 Minutes,” covering a range of current events and social issues.

8. Jacqueline Novak: Get on Your Knees (January 11): A stand-up comedy special with Jacqueline Novak exploring themes of dating, relationships, and female empowerment. Lauded for its humor and observational insights.

9. After Everything (January 10): A romance film based on the popular novel “After We Collided,” following Tessa and Hardin’s passionate and tumultuous relationship.

10. The Pale Blue Eye (January 6): A gothic period thriller starring Christian Bale as a detective investigating a series of murders at West Point Military Academy in 1830. Features a dark atmosphere and suspenseful mystery.


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