Superman vs Spider-man is back. DC and Marvel Resurrect Coveted Crossover Comics

Rare Superman vs. Spider-Man Reprints Excite Fans

DC and Marvel are collaborating to republish long out-of-print crossover comics featuring their iconic superheroes battling in special joint universes. The revived collections include the landmark 1976 Superman vs. Spider-Man issue along with Amalgam universe titles merging characters like Batman and Wolverine into new heroes.

Sold Out Upon Release, Now Back By Fan Demand

The crossover books proved wildly popular upon their initial launch decades ago, rapidly selling out. With vintage copies commanding premium prices among collectors, DC calls the reprints “a fan-demanded resurrection” of coveted alternate reality matchups.

Artists Delighted To See Work Back In Print

The special project has original artists like Walt Simonson eagerly anticipating a new audience enjoying their DC/Marvel joint creations being given deluxe treatment. The new collections aim to honor veteran writers and illustrators who pioneered ambitious cross-company narratives.

Could Lead To New Collaborative Works

While these collections feature purely archival content, some fans speculate they may inspire fresh collaborative efforts. Comics artists hope rising execs and creators on both sides recapture the camaraderie enabling such crossovers during past eras.

The rare reprints present a crossover comics bonanza for readers. Diehard fans are already pre-ordering the hefty omnibuses to finally obtain stories they could scarcely imagine existing again.

Aklimson Phangcho

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