Mikel Arteta: Celebrating Arsenal’s Big Win

Arsenal’s leader, Mikel Arteta, defends their happiness after a magnificent win over Liverpool. Some considered they were a bit over-excited, but Arteta feels it is necessary to prove how much they adore the game.

Feeling the Thrill

Arteta was unable to mask his jubilation during the game. He ran down the sidelines and shouted happily after each goal. Despite the controversy, as Gary Neville doubts if they have gone overboard, Arteta loves the unbridled passion from his players. Every win is worth its price. Facing Liverpool was very big for Arsenal. It enabled them to be just there at the top of the table. Every win is crucial in the cutthroat Premier League. Thus, when they finally make it, they want to celebrate in all ways possible.

Arteta and his players are normal humans at the core. They have emotions, and a big win means the whole world to them. Captain Martin Odegaard wanted to get the magic by taking photos with a camera. Others believed he should first go to the locker room. However, Odegaard and Arteta have different opinions. They think that victory deserves to be celebrated, and there is nothing wrong in displaying the joy they have.**

In Conclusion: Passion Matters

Arteta’s message is simple: it is passion that makes football so amazing. Whether a player is zipping down the sideline or clicking pictures after the last whistle, a sense of joy comes with celebrating the wins of the game. And for Arsenal, their joy will forever be a matter that they will always stand for.

Aklimson Phangcho

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