Lewis Hamilton Leaves Mercedes to Join Ferrari for 2025 Season

Sainz Confirms Ferrari Departure

In a social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Carlos Sainz announced that he will be leaving Ferrari at the end of the current season of Formula 1. The 29-year-old promised to give his best for the team and fans during the rest of the races, with details about his future plans to be announced later.

Some speculations and whispers have been confirmed that Lewis Hamilton after a good spell with Mercedes will be moving to Ferrari in the 2025 season. Nigel Mansell, who was once a Ferrari driver, considers this transformation as rather constructive and dynamic for Formula 1, and is happy for both fans and Hamilton himself.

Mansell Optimism and Age Defying Performances.

The age of 39 does not bother Nigel Mansell who was the driver’s champion then, as he dismisses such concerns stating that motivation and competitiveness are more important. According to Mansell, Hamilton who has just celebrated his 39 th birthday still has several competitive years ahead of him. He expects an enjoyable 2025 Formula 1 season with close racing between Hamilton, Verstappen, and Ferrari looking to stop Hamilton from winning.

The seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton has surprised the Formula 1 community by leaving Mercedes and signing with Ferrari for the 2025 season. The announcement follows Carlos Sainz’s confirmation that he is leaving the Italian team, making the whole situation even more interesting due to its dynamic nature. While Hamilton prepares for a new era with Ferrari, the fans can look forward to a 2025 season full of excitement featuring fierce competition and a fight of giants between Hamilton and Verstappen.

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