Former Call of Duty Leader Starts Fresh Gaming Venture

Former Call of Duty Leader Starts Fresh Gaming Venture

After nearly two decades helping shape one of gaming’s most iconic franchises, industry veteran David Vonderhaar is striking out on his own with a new studio called BulletFarm. He hopes to bottle the same competitive lightning that made Call of Duty a household name while exploring new directions in cooperative play.

LA-Based Studio Prioritizing Teamwork

BulletFarm will be based in Los Angeles and rely on Unreal Engine 5 to power its debut title. The game will emphasize group gameplay mechanics where players must coordinate and collaborate to progress. Building team chemistry and promoting in-game camaraderie will take priority over individual achievements. Multiplayer phenomena like Fortnite prove social interaction sells. Vonderhaar wants to double down on the formula for success by making cooperation the core design principle.

Promise of Innovation Anchors Studio’s Pitch

While remaining in the first-person shooter genre he knows inside-out, Vonderhaar suggests BulletFarm’s maiden project will distinguish itself from military shooters that dominate the marketplace. By blending action-oriented play with richer narrative and fine-tuned game mechanics, he believes there is room to capture player interest while still moving the needle creatively. The goal is an accessible, social experience that feels fresh in a crowded field.

Chinese Juggernaut Funds Studio’s Launch

The considerable coffers of Chinese gaming giant NetEase are what empowered Vonderhaar to charter his own course in the first place. With NetEase contributing startup capital and other essential support, BulletFarm has the financial runway to experiment with new concepts. For industry veterans like Vonderhaar who have long dreamed of running their own studio, finding a money partner is the only way to turn ambition into reality. Now he’ll see if his vision pays off.

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