US and UK Carry Fresh Air-strikes at the Houthi Targets in Yemen

Pakistan air strike

Allies Attack Militant Facilities in a Coordinated Action

In another coordinated effort, the American and the British forces have inaugurated a fresh round of attacks on the Houthi targets in Yemen, making it already the fourth similar operation between two nations together. The operation, which was executed on December 11, targeted 18 sites linked to the Houthi militia, including fuel supplies, aircraft, air defense means, radars, and a helicopter.

Constructing and implementing a feasible regional counter-terrorism strategy to the intensifying dangers posed by the Red Sea.

The air raids have come in retaliation to the Houthi’s sustained attacks on shipping in the Red Sea, a maritime trade route that is a vital corridor. The militia claiming the control of a large part of Yemen has been attacking the ships it considers to be connected to Israel and its allies since the recent Israel‑Gaza clash began. These incidents have led to the disasters in global supply chains and have increased costs, therefore, some of the big shipping companies have opted to reroute the routes they use from the Red Sea.

The Pentagon, in a joint statement with the others, highlighted the need for these strikes to frustrate and eliminate the Houthi capacity which poses a threat to international shipping and maritime security. The statement also pointed out that all these nations were among the main supporters of the international response to the Houthis’ repeated attacks against merchant and marine vessels in the region.

Coast Guard will serve as a key component of Indo-Pacific maritime security commitment.

Both US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps reiterated their own nations’ resolution to carry out the maritime security and preserve freedom of navigation. Moreover, Austin reiterated America’s willingness to act proactively to secure lives and commerce in the vital waterways, which Shapiro stressed the need to protect human lives and maintain the right to use the sea area freely, and thus the involvement of the Royal Air Force in the precision airstrikes against the Houthis was ensured.

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