Sony terminates 900 jobs and shuts down the London studio

Sony terminates 900 jobs and shuts down the London studio

Sony, the creator of PlayStation is producing a lot of upgrades. They are cutting down their working force by about 900 people, which is 8% of their PlayStation operating team worldwide. These adjustments means some individuals will lose their jobs while Sony is also shutting down the PlayStation studio in London.

The head of PlayStation Jim Ryan, who had said according to an email to employees that “it is not good news”. He said it was though time for the company and some tough decisions decided. As a result, really many people who made PlayStation successful will lose their jobs, but it is the most difficult thing for everybody involved.

Inpact on gaming industry

It is important to note that this announcement comes after Microsoft, another big video gaming company, who also stated that they are laying off employees. The gaming business is so complex now, that every participant faces a lot of challenges. However, the people working in this industry in the UK have a fighting spirit and believe in their ability to bounce back to overcome setback.Sony’s London studio was set up back in 2002 and they have produced titles like ‘SingStar’ and ‘This is Football’.

They as well were in the process of making a game in London but it is a pity that this game won’t be made now. Honestly, we see the UK gaming scene losing one of its most recognized studios, however people are optimistic about the future.

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