Sigizi In the world of public health, accurate and up-to-date nutrition data is critical to monitoring and improving population health outcomes. To meet this need, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has developed Sigizi Terpadu, a central platform for organizing and disseminating nutrition data. This comprehensive system enables empowered consumers to access critical information for informed decision-making and effective nutrition interventions.

A gateway to nutrition information

Sigizi Terpadu serves as a gateway to a wealth of nutritional information, including:

Individual Nutrition Status Data: Access to individual-level data on anthropometry, growth indicators, and micronutrient status, enabling targeted interventions and monitoring progress.

Program Performance Data: Track the performance of nutrition programs at different levels, from national to community-based initiatives, to assess effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Nutrition Surveillance Data: Analyze trends in nutritional status indicators across regions and population groups to identify emerging nutrition issues and inform policy decisions.


Secure access for authorized users

To protect sensitive data and ensure data integrity, Sigizi Terpadu uses a secure login system. Only authorized users with valid credentials can access the platform. This controlled access ensures that nutritional data is maintained with the utmost confidentiality and used responsibly for its intended purposes.

Empowering informed decision making

By providing a central repository of nutrition data and enabling secure access for authorized users, Sigizi Terpadu empowers informed decision-making at various levels of the healthcare system. From policymakers to health care providers, the platform facilitates data-driven approaches to improving nutrition outcomes and addressing public health challenges related to undernutrition.

Data collection and analysis

Sigizi Terpadu is also instrumental in enhancing data collection and analysis capabilities. It provides standardized data collection tools and procedures, ensuring consistency and accuracy of nutrition data across the country. Additionally, the platform offers advanced data analysis tools, enabling users to generate insights from data and identify patterns and trends.

Promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing

Sigizi Terpadu facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders involved in nutrition programs and interventions. The platform provides a forum to share best practices, exchange data, and discuss challenges and solutions. This collaboration helps improve the overall effectiveness of nutrition programs and nutrition outcomes in Indonesia.


Additional Remarks:

Sigizi Terpadu is a continuous improvement initiative, with regular updates and enhancements to meet changing needs and challenges.

The Ministry of Health actively engages with stakeholders to gather feedback and suggestions for the development of the platform, ensuring that it remains relevant and user-friendly.

Sigizi Terpadu is recognized as a successful model for managing and using nutrition data, and its experience is being shared with other countries seeking to strengthen their nutrition monitoring systems. are doing

Overall, Sigizi Terpadu has contributed to improving nutrition outcomes in Indonesia, addressing public health challenges and demonstrating the power of technology to promote better health for all.


What is Sigizi Terpadu and what is its purpose?

Sigizi Terpadu is a centralized platform developed by the Indonesian Ministry of Health to organize and disseminate nutrition data. It serves as a repository for individual-level nutrition status data, program performance data, and nutrition surveillance data. Sigizi Terpadu aims to provide empowered consumers with access to critical nutritional information for informed decision-making and effective dietary intervention.

Who can access Sigizi Terpadu and what can they do with the data?

Access to Sigizi Terpadu is restricted to authorized users, including Ministry of Health officials, provincial and district health officials, health care providers, nutrition researchers, and policy makers. These Authorized Users may use the Platform:

Monitor individual nutritional status trends.
Track the performance of nutrition programs.
Analyze nutrition surveillance data.
Inform policy decisions.
Develop effective dietary interventions


Sigizi Terpadu, a centralized nutrition data management system developed by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, empowers informed decision-making and effective nutrition interventions. It provides authorized users with secure access to critical nutrition information, including individual status data, program performance data, and monitoring data. This comprehensive system plays an important role in improving nutrition outcomes and addressing public health challenges related to malnutrition.


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