How To Make Wheel In Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Wheel In Little Alchemy 2

In the charming world of “Little Alchemy 2”, the art of creation does not know. Since the players are on their research and experience journey, they will face many combinations that unveil new and interesting elements. Such a secret combination includes the creation of a basic invention: wheels. Wheel, which is a sign of development and innovation throughout history, can be developed with different elements in the game.

For this complex process, players need to get different components to match and combine different components, to think critically and creatively. With imagination and touching and touches the error, players can expose the mystery of producing wheels and open an important factor in the emerging world of “Little Chemistry 2”. So, let’s look for the steps, combinations and magic that bring this ancient invention to life, which helps the game’s charming experience to discover new possibilities within the universe.

How To Make Wheel In Little Alchemy 2 steps 

Start with Basic Elements: Begin by combining “Earth” and “Fire” to create “Lava.”

Create Earthquake: Combine “Lava” with “Air” to produce “Stone.” Then, blend “Stone” with “Earthquake” to make “Mountain.”

Shape Mountain: Combine “Mountain” with “Tool” to shape it into “Hill.”

Craft Sand: Blend “Air” with “Stone” to create “Sand.”

Make Clay: Mix “Sand” and “Swamp” to form “Clay.”

Create Pottery: Combine “Clay” with “Fire” to craft “Pottery.”

Design Wheel: Mix “Tool” and “Pottery” to create a “Wheel.”

Discover Metal: Combine “Fire” and “Stone” to create “Metal.”

Craft Bicycle: Blend “Wheel” with “Metal” to finally create the desired “Bicycle Wheel.”



How can I create a wheel in Little Alchemy 2? 

To make a wheel in Little Alchemy 2, you need to combine “Tool” with “Pottery.”

What elements do I need to mix to craft a wheel in Little Alchemy 2? 

You’ll need to combine “Tool” with “Pottery” to successfully create a wheel in Little Alchemy 2.


Finally, making a wheel in Little Alchemy involves a simple yet imaginative process of combining elements to open up new possibilities. By combining different basic elements, players can use their creativity and problem-solving skills to achieve the goal of developing the wheel. This task exemplifies the charm of the game, encouraging players to explore, experiment and discover new combinations, promoting a sense of achievement as they uncover the secrets of the alchemical world within the game’s constraints. Pick up.


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