‘Bury A Friend’ choice for ‘True Detective’ Season 4 opener sparks netizens backlash

Bury A Friend" choice for 'True Detective' Season 4 opener sparks netizen backlash

The highly anticipated crime thriller rolled out on HBO Max and Jio Cinema with episode 1 premiering on January 14, featuring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis in lead.

The fourth installment of HBO’s “True Detective: Night Country” has premiered in both English and Hindi on Jio Cinema, making a heart-pounding rush in crime series lovers, but the latest season received critical reviews on social media. Although it’s been nearly 3 days since its premiere on January 14, the series is getting a backlash for ruining the reputation of season 1 and several netizens also mocked the opening theme which has Billie Eilish’s song.

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Here’s more about the reactions and the crime thriller. The highly anticipated crime thriller rolled out on HBO Max with episode 1 premiering on January 14. This 6-episodic thriller features the two strong female protagonists, Jodie Foster and Kali Reis as they portray baddie detectives who are passionate about solving brutal and mysterious murders in the chilling climate of Alaska.

After watching the initial episode, fans have pinned their first thoughts, and they are majorly unfavorable. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), netizens expressed a strong dislike for the new season and some even mocked the choice of using Billie Eilish‘s “Bury A Friend” in the opening sequence with several memes.

However, the showrunner Lopez in an earlier conversation with Rolling Stone stated that the dark song “Bury a Friend” serves as the perfect mood for the sinister sequence and even the lyrics made sense. According to source rolling stone “It’s such a dark, moody, fun, sinister little song that I thought it could absolutely work,” she had said.

Written and directed by Issa López, the gripping series centers around the mystery of the Tsalal Arctic research station after 8 researchers are suddenly reported missing on a chilling night in Alaska. Police detectives, Liz Danvers (played by Jodie Foster) team up with her arch-nemesis detective Evangeline Navarro (played by Kali Reis) to solve the crimes.

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